Publications & Reports


1) SDRC Communicator

2) Client Wellness

3) Provider

4) DDS SafetyNet


1) Purchase of Service Data – by Ethnicity, Race or Language.

2) Corporation Annual Report 2014

3) Client Satisfaction Survey 2012

4) Demographic Survey – January 2015

5) Solutions Building – Community Collaborative Final Report.


1) Conservatorship Guide – by Harbor Regional Center

2) Early Start English and  Español

3) Eligibility Guide English and Español

4) Funding the Work of California’s Regional Centers – Prepared by the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA), 2013

5) Intake Services English and Español

6) Parenting Resources Guide

7) Purchase of Service (POS) English and Español

8) Reaffirming the Commitment, Realizing the Vision: History of the Regional Centers in California – by Frank D. Lanterman Regional Canter

9) SDRC Services English and Español

10) Transportation Users Guide

11)  Transition Age Youth English and Español

12) A Guide to Living Options English and Español

13) A Client and Family Guide English and Español

14) A Client Guide for Adult Day Program Options English and Español


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