Publications & Reports


1) SDRC Communicator

2) Client Wellness

3) Provider

4) DDS SafetyNet



1)  Corporation Annual Report 2015-2016

2)  Performance Contract 2016- San Diego Imperial Counties Developmental Services, Inc. 2016 Performance Contract Plan Outcomes and Activities.

3)  Performance Report 2016- San Diego Regional Center Performance Report 2016, summary.

3)  Purchase of Service Data – by Ethnicity, Race or Language.

4)  SDRC Stategic Plan- July 2015

5)  Client Satisfaction Survey 2012

6)  Demographic Survey – January 2016



1) Client and Family Guide English and Español

2) Client Choice

3) A Client Guide for Adult Day Program Options English and Español

4) Conservatorship Guide – by Harbor Regional Center

5) Early Start English and Español

6) Eligibility English and Español

7) Employment First

8) Funding the Work of California’s Regional Centers - Prepared by the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA), 2013

9) Guide to Living Options English and Español

10) Home & Community Based Services

11) Intake Services English and Español

12) Parenting Resources Guide

13) Purchase of Service (POS) English and Español

14) Reaffirming the Commitment, Realizing the Vision: History of the Regional Centers in California – by Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center

15) SDRC Services English and Español

16) Transportation Users Guide

17) Transition Age Youth English and Español

18) Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)


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