The following documents are posted in accordance with The Welfare and Institutions Code section 4629.5:

1. San Diego Regional Center Independent Audit:

2. Department of Developmental Services Audit:

3. Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4639.5 Report:

4. RFP Contract Recipients for Fiscal Year 2014-2015,2016-2017,2017-2018

5. SDRC Purchase of Service Standards

6. List of Service Providers

7. SDICDSI Board Meeting Agendas & Approved Minutes

8. SDICDSI Bylaws

9. Home & Community Based Waiver Program Review (HCBSW):

10. Public Information:

11. Conflict of Interest:

12. DDS list of available Regional Center services

13. Zero Tolerance Policy

14. Survey Results: Community Resources Needs (FY 20/21)

15. Purchase of Service Authorization, Utilization and Expenditures

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