Message from SDRC Executive Director, Carlos Flores

Message to the Community:

The San Diego Regional Center is committed to be a culturally sensitive, culturally informed and culturally competent organization. For the past several years, through a variety of initiatives we have been working vigorously to ensure that our provision of services is fair and equitable for our clients among the various ethnic and racial groups. It is a foundational value that all clients are treated with respect and dignity. Two of our stated values are “ The uniqueness of human life is valued” and “Services reflect, and are sensitive to, the cultural and ethnic diversity of the community.”

We have all seen the recent disturbing videos from Minnesota and the news coverage of the ensuing riots. It has been a deeply emotionally troubling time, not just to witness the egregious acts of violence against people of color, but to understand the pervasive day-to-day racism that exists in our country. We need to take this opportunity to recommit to being racially respectful where we treat our clients and families, community partners, neighbors, and colleagues with respect irrespective of the color of their skin or their ethnicity. Let’s embrace our ethnically and racially diverse community… we are one family!
Carlos Flores, Executive Director
Executive Director, San Diego Regional Center

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