SPP Java Windows

Windows Computers:

If you are experiencing problems accessing the Service Provider Portal from a computer running Windows, please follow these steps:

1) INTERNET BROWSER – Use either one of these compatable internet browsers:

  • a. Internet Explorer 11 – If using IE 11, skip to #3.
  • b. Mozilla Firefox ESR 52 (32bit) – Download Here. If desired, you can run multiple versions of Mozilla Firefox using the older version ESR 52 for the SPP only.
  • c. Follow the installation steps.
  • d. After installation is completed, close and reopen Firefox.


  • a. Click on Firefox Menu settings (the 3 bars in the top right corner of the screen)
  • b. Choose Add-ons.
  • c. Click the Plugins tab.
  • d. Click on the Plugin “Java Platform …”
  • e. Select “Always Activate”
  • Mozilla Plugin Settings

  • f. At the top of the screen click on Tools –> Options –> Content.
  • g. If “Block Popups” is checked, add the address of the SPP website as an exception. Click Allow and Save changes.
  • Mozilla Popup Settings

  • h. Click on Security –> General –> Exceptions Button and add the allowed website like, “https://spp.sdrc.org”. Click Allow and Save Changes.
  • Mozilla Popup Settings

  • i. Prevent Firefox automatic updates by clicking on Tools –> Options –> Advanced –> Update and select Never Check for Updates.
  • Mozilla Popup Settings

3) JAVA PROGRAM UN-INSTALL – Un-install all versions of Java Program on your PC:

  • a. Control Panel –> Programs & Features:
  • b. Highlight the Java Program from the list.
  • c. Right click, Uninstall (repeat for all versions of Java in the list)
  • d. Follow the prompts.
  • e. Restart your computer.

4) JAVA PROGRAM INSTALL – Java 8 Update 121:


  • a. Search your computer for “Configure Java” and open the Java Control Panel.
  • b. Click on the Security tab and add the SPP web address by clicking on Edit Site List. (For SDRC the SPP web address is https://spp.sdrc.org)
  • Java Exception Site List

  • c. Click on the Advanced tab and replicate the following settings:
  • Java Advanced Tab


  • a. Close and reopen the internet browser.
  • b. Navigate to the SPP website.
  • c. You will see several popup messages. Be sure to read each one and respond accordingly.
  • d. Pop up message asks “Do you want to run this application?”
  • e. Check the box “I accept” and click Run.
  • Mozilla Run Message

  • f. Security Warning displays, click Don’t Block button.
  • Mozilla Unblock Message

  • g. The SPP window displays in a popup window.
  • SPP Success Window

If you continue to experience problems, please email Alicia Calderon or phone 858-576-2891.

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